Winter riding

You don’t need me to tell you to take care on the roads, especially with lots of wet leaves covering hazards, drains and shiny drain covers. Time to think of all the words of wisdom I whispered in your ear during your training. At junctions creep & peep before pulling out and read the road conditions. With this said don’t let the winter put you off coming in to train with us, motorcycling is not just for sunny day Steve’s.

We are now changing our training to reflect needs of riders, new this autumn riding lessons in 2 hour blocks to reflect changing temperatures and different learning needs of students, however test times are not in our control and remain between 8-4.

Ladies, its now trendy to ride a bike, with more models female friendly and catering for you with lighter and lower bikes, a triumph springs to mind, light and nimble to ride with easy to fit lowering kits and a short tank for short arms. To reflect this we have the lowest training bike in town just for ladies, we feel it helps to build confidence and we will tailor your training to you and your needs. We have noticed an increase in ladies training for CBT & full licences this year and we regard ourselves as a female friendly training school.

A most successful lady rider, who had never ridden before until she came to us, rode from Canada to South America, she’s done Vietnam, all on two wheels! Her next chapter starts now, with Morocco.