Direct Access Scheme (DAS)

Getting your licence, Theory & practical Tests

If you have already completed your CBT with us your training needs would have been discussed with you as to weather you commence your training on a 125cc or 650cc bike. You can either do a 4 or a 5 day intensive training course, or have individual days depending on your available time and experience, once you have completed a CBT and a theory test.

Theory test

The theory test is divided into two parts:

  1. A multiple-choice test comprising 50 multiple-choice questions covering aspects of the Highway Code. The pass mark is 43.
  2. A hazard perception test consisting of a series of video clips of actual road hazards that need to be identified. The pass mark is 44.
    Click here to practise your theory test

This test must be passed before moving onto the practical tests for direct access, to book your theory test you can use the link below

Practical test

To pass the practical motorcycle test you need to pass its two separate modules within two years of passing your motorcycle theory test. Module one will test you doing set manoeuvres on the motorcycle in a safe off-road area. Module two is the on-road test.

An outline plan of training is listed below, but this is only a guide everybody has different learning needs and speeds.

The DAS course will either be a 4 or 5 day depending on your experience. The student will commence the low speed control elements of mod 1 training in an off road training environment until confident for road training.

  • Slow control riding – off road
  • Figure of 8/slow ride/U turn – module 1 test exercises
  • Hazard avoidance and controlled stop – Module 1 test exercise
  • Emergency stop – Module 1 test exercise
  • Controlled stop
  • Parking and reverse parking the motorcycle (bay parking)

This day also includes a road ride, to familiarize students with the bike on the road, building on the previous training. We talk through the test with students , enabling them to understand the purpose, structure and function of the test. The student will now be ready for the Mod 1 test.

After completion of the mod 1 test the remainder of the training is focused on enhancing, refining, perfecting road skills and confidence,  riding in town and country settings including A roads, dual carriageways. This aims to  cover the majority of situations the student may experience during their mod 2 test.

We take short breaks during the day to reflect on learning situations reinforcing riding theories with practical situations on the road. The last day of road training or if the test is a later one will include covering previous test routes in Ipswich to enable students to feel confident before their test.

If you require a breakdown of what is involved with both mod 1 & 2 tests please use this link.

Our 4 & 5 day training courses are inclusive of all costs:

  • Bike hire
  • Fuel
  • Test fees
  • Tuition
  • Helmet hire
  • Clothing, radio and safety equipment hire (jackets/gloves/waterproofs/hiviz etc.)

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