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Our Training Bikes

All Bikes 25-5-14 063Our aim is to make your training experience with us Fun and enjoyable, we know everybody learns better when new things are fun.

To appeal to all riders looking to get a full motorcycle licence we have a range of bikes. MTo7, two SV650’s and a Z650. The Z650 is an A2 compatible bike along with the MT07 and one of the SV650’s. They are easy to ride, ranging in height to accommodate riders from 5 foot and upwards.

We pride ourselves on out commitment to high standard. Teaching students how to understand the ride, including the new updates to the highway code in 2022.

Our 50cc automatic mopeds

All Bikes 25-5-14 085

Our 125 cc geared bikes

All Bikes 25-5-14 084

Our direct access and A2 bikes Suzuki SV650

2018 Suzuki SV650 ABS in Fremont, California - Photo 1

These bikes offer you the choice of bike to suite your needs and they have both been lowered to enable you to feel confident while you learn (our model is 5ft 5″, he gets both feet flat on the floor.