Feedback From Chris Fox

Steve is friendly, approachable and patient with his students. I was a nervous 39-year-old man who had previously passed (barely) a CBT on 2 previous occasions with 2 previous local schools (no names mentioned).During those courses I felt that the instructors were treating each student as a “quick meal ticket” and I got no real sense of security or safety on the bikes I rode.Steve is different…. he builds you up slowly, ensuring that you are comfortable on the lower powered machines before gradually progressing you onto the higher-powered ones only when you’re ready.As a result, I have not only just passed my MOD 1 and MOD 2 courses, but I now feel happy and in control of the bikes I sit on, rather than the bikes being in control of me.Steve’s role in this change was fundamental, and I thank him very much for what we achieved. As an added bonus Steve’s DAS course prices are very good and include the cost of your tests themselves (which is fairly unusual).Most importantly Steve never gives you the impression he is “watching the clock” and you don’t feel like you are being treated as “just another punter”.Fundamentally, I have been very impressed with Steve and All Bikes Motorcycle Training, and I would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone else I knew was looking to get professional and competent Motorcycle training in the future. Thank you, Steve, for putting another happy biker on the road.