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Nathan Baroni

Nathan Baroni

Nervous wreck who left on a high!


Couldn’t of asked for a better day. Clear skys. Patient traffic. Most of all i was back on a bike for the first time in 10 years.


Steve has a great no messing teaching method. He took time to explain to. Me my faults and how to counter them. I was lucky enough to have a 1 on 1 training day and boy did i need it! It was clear from the first few “ride the clutch!!” commands that i needed the extra time!


Did the pad work then off we went on the ride. From colchester United down to mersea on every possible road type, when i wasnt dodging pot holes or looking to see where my feet were i was panicking over my clutch control, grip, position and virtually everything. When we got to mersea i took my lid and gloves off and i was frozen solid! Unable to move and overcome with emotions what the hell i thought to myself!!


We had a chat and a can of coke and after hearing well you got here didnt you so your fine we went off again. I felt every bit of wind hitting me but tryed to hit 40mph but it felt like i was at the TT! By the time we had got back to the training area i had calmed. I even felt the smile rip accross my face as i knew my way and everything just started to fall into place. Coupled with knowing ive got a very pleasant, Professional, no nonsense instructor talking in my ear and guiding me along every step of the way i had a bloody good time!..


Even if when i popped a wheelie coming out of a junction, Shouting back at the one way radio headset!


Listen to Steve. He knows his stuff. He can see your strengths and weaknesses. But from someone who was nervous and half way through thinking i never want to be on a bike again to making out shopping lists and soon to book some test rides and make use of my newly earned CBT i would highly recommend him over anyone in Colchester. He cares for you not your money

Nathan Baroni 6 August, 2014