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Caroline Shotton

Caroline Shotton

Not so long ago I’d never ridden a bike before and it hadn’t crossed my mind that I even wanted to. Then a conversation with a friend last year resulted in the seeds of an idea being planted – to buy motorbikes and ride from Canada to South America in as long as it takes. In order to do so though I needed to pass my bike test.

As fortune would have it I was lucky enough to find Steve who has been nothing short of amazing in getting me through my DAS. He didn’t just promise me I’d pass in a few days and take my money, he spent time building my confidence and teaching me how to ride a bike – and for less money than I’d have paid anywhere else.

I couldn’t have hoped to find a better instructor. He put me at my ease, moving from doing my CBT on a little 50cc bike right through to passing my Mod 2 yesterday on an ER650 with a specially lowered seat. I can honestly say that while I started with the mindset that I ‘just have to get my licence’ I’m now well and truly hooked. I find myself sitting in my car now wishing I was on two wheels.

If you’re thinking about getting your bike licence then give Steve a call, you won’t regret it. I can’t thank him enough. Doing my DAS with him was easily one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Caroline Shotton 13 July, 2015